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E-Scooters In Houston: What Are The Current E-Scooter Rules?


By now, it’s likely that nearly everyone in Houston has seen an e-scooter or e-bicycle ride past them on the streets. With the emergence of app-based transportation services, such as Uber, Lyft, and Wingz, internet app-based companies now provide even more options for commuting within the Houston city limits by offering on-demand e-scooter and e-bicycle rental services. Within the past several years, e-scooter and e-bicycle app-based services have become very popular within Houston. There is no doubt that e-scooters and e-bicycles provide an easy and fast way to travel, especially for short distances and small errands.

However, using app-based e-scooter and e-bicycle services is not without its consequences. Scooters and bicycles are still risky methods of transport, and safety procedures and rules should be followed by users closely. Due to the uptick of e-scooter and e-bicycle use within Houston, and to prevent e-scooter and e-bicycle accidents, in 2021, the Houston City Council voted to impose limitations on e-scooters.

The new rules, which took effect in March of 2021, aim to prevent e-scooter accidents by banning e-scooters from being used on pedestrian sidewalks. The Houston City Council’s new ordinance requires that e-scooters only be used on city streets, to avoid e-scooter collisions with pedestrians on the sidewalk. In addition, the new ordinance bans e-scooters in public rights-of-way and requires e-scooter companies to find private property to store and make e-scooters available to the public. Under the new ordinance, e-scooter companies cannot park and leave e-scooters in public spaces such as parking lots. The purpose of this provision of the ordinance is to reduce e-scooter accidents that occur from cluttered e-scooter parking on public streets and sidewalks, which can pose tripping and congestion hazards.

E-Scooter Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury

 Houston City Council members clearly see a need for e-scooter limitations within Houston City limits to protect pedestrians and e-scooter users. E-scooters can be a risky form of transportation, since they move relatively fast and leave the body exposed, without any form of protection. In addition, many e-scooter users don’t wear helmets or other body protection when they ride, making the chance of bodily injury high if the e-scooter driver is involved in any type of collision or fall. E-scooter accidents can cause broken bones, sprains, abrasions, and even head injuries, among other serious injuries.

When to Call an E-Scooter Attorney 

If you are in an e-scooter accident, it may seem like there is nowhere to turn. However, it is important that a person who falls victim to an e-scooter accident knows their legal rights as soon as possible after the incident. An experienced Houston e-scooter accident attorney can help get e-scooter accident victim’s money for medical expenses and other damages. If you experience an e-scooter accident contact the experienced Houston e-scooter accident lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm. At Gilde Law Firm, we provide a free and confidential consultation about your e-scooter accident. We can help you today with your e-scooter accident. Contact the Gilde Law Firm and speak with us today.



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