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Asbestos: Common Sources Of Airborne Asbestos And Health Implications

By Gilde Law Firm |

Asbestos is a mineral that was, and is in some cases, still used in construction and manufactured products due to its heat-resistance and insulating properties. While initially hailed as a very convenient and effective material, asbestos was found to cause life-threatening diseases, and was federally restricted starting in the 1970s. Common Sources of Asbestos… Read More »

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Asbestos Litigation In Houston

By Gilde Law Firm |

There are many people every year in the Houston area who develop mesothelioma and other cancers because of exposure to asbestos. This type of litigation is often difficult given the substantial amount of time that often exists between exposure and the development of these devastating diseases. If you or a loved one wishes to… Read More »

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