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Houston Roundup Lawyer

Roundup is an herbicide that is commonly used in Houston and throughout the rest of the country. Unfortunately, this product is not only dangerous for weeds, but also for the people that use it. Recently, Roundup has been found to cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in individuals that were exposed to it. Many people assume that the people most at risk are gardeners and farmers, but that is not true. Residential use of Roundup has caused thousands of individuals to suffer life-threatening cancer.

Roundup is so dangerous, many cities throughout the country have banned the use of the product. In Texas, Denton and Austin are the only cities to have prohibited its use. Individuals in Houston are still at risk of being exposed. If you or someone you love has suffered the devastating effects of this herbicide, our Houston Roundup lawyers can help you claim full damages.

The Dangers of Roundup

Roundup, a product created by the Monsanto company, contains glyphosate, something that has been deemed “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization (WHO). When applied to crops, glyphosate poses a great risk to anyone that uses it, is in the same area, or that consumes it. Approximately 300 minion pounds of Roundup is applied to crops around the globe annually, so it is easy to see how many people are exposed every year.

To determine the amount of people that had glyphosate in their system, the Detox Project conducted a study. The research found that 93 percent of participants tested positive for the ingredient. Cotton, soybeans, and corn are the crops most commonly exposed to Roundup. However, it is also found in oatmeal, wine, and even baby food.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Monsanto/Bayer.

Manufacturers are required to make sure their product is safe for consumers to use. When products are inherently dangerous, such as Roundup, manufacturers are then required to warn consumers about the danger. Monsanto/Bayer failed in both of these regards. Even when studies had shown that Roundup was likely to cause cancer, the company continued to state that the product was safe to use.

Monsanto/Bayer has already been named in several lawsuits filed by individuals that had contracted cancer after using the product; and, Gilde Law Firm represents hundreds of plaintiffs who have made and are making claims against Monsanto/Bayer. If you have developed an illness or suffered any other loss after using Roundup, it is important to speak to a Houston product liability lawyer. Gilde Law Firm may be able to file your lawsuit against Monsanto/Bayer.

Our Product Liability Lawyers in Houston Can Go Up Against Big Manufacturers

If you suffer from cancer or any other illness after using Roundup, our Houston product liability lawyers at Gilde Law Firm can help. Our skilled attorney has the necessary experience to go up against the big manufacturers and win and will put that experience to work for you. Call us today at 800-973-3106 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options.