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Shocking Post-Auto Accident Stabbing In West Houston Highlights Unanticipated Dangers Of Auto Accidents


The last thing that a person expects after being involved in an auto accident is that they will further be assaulted by the occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash after the auto accident occurs. Further still, most people would be hard pressed to believe that a loved one assisting them after an auto accident would be assaulted by others involved in the traffic accident. However, this nightmare situation arose during the evening on Sunday, July 31, 2022, in Houston, Texas, when a pair of brothers –one involved in an auto accident, and the other there to help – was assaulted by the occupants of the other vehicle involved in a car crash with one of the brothers.

According to reports, a man woke up in the night to help his brother, who had just been involved in a car accident on Hillcroft in Houston. The accident involved a red pickup truck with three occupants who followed the man’s brother as the man’s brother drove to his house, while calling him for help. When the man’s brother arrived and stopped, a fight escalated between the man’s brother and the three occupants of the red pickup truck. When the man came to his brother’s aid, he was stabbed in the chest and hit on the head by the occupants of the red pickup truck. The man’s brother, who had been involved in the auto accident, was also assaulted by the occupants of the red pickup truck. The occupants of the red pickup truck sped off while the brothers were taken to the hospital and were in critical condition as of Monday, August 1, 2022. The police are still investigating the incident and are searching for the occupants of the red pickup truck.

Road Rage on the Rise in Houston 

Although perhaps not technically a “road rage” incident, though close to it, the post auto-accident stabbing and assaults highlights the increase of road-related violence in Houston. According to reports, there were 365 road rage incidents in Texas last year, or, in other words, one road rage incident per day. In January, 2022, 17 auto accidents were linked to road rage incidents. In addition, notably, the total number of road rage incidents in Texas in 2021 was 22% higher than in 2020. The numbers tend to show that auto accidents in Texas, particularly those caused by road rage, are on the rise, and, in addition, road-related violence is at a high in the state.

What to do if You Experience an Auto Accident 

If you experience an auto accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The Gilde Law Firm provides a free and confidential auto accident consultation, and can help you learn your rights, options, and next steps, as well as what compensation you may expect to receive. Contact the Houston personal injury lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm and speak with us today about your potential case.



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