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What Are The Most Common Office Workplace Accidents?


When most people think of workplace accidents they picture construction sites and other commonly known dangerous workplaces. However, a workplace accident can happen anywhere, and one of the most common locations for a workplace accident is in an office. At Gilde Law Firm, our experienced Houston workplace injury attorneys are prepared to fight for you no matter where your accident took place. To learn more, call or contact our office for a free consultation.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

One of the most common types of accidents in an office is a slip and fall or trip and fall. There are many hazards in an office that can result in this type of accident. Unattended spills, exposed cords, wet floors, uneven surfaces, cluttered areas, and loose flooring all contribute to this type of accident in an office. This is particularly true when inclement weather increases the slip or trip hazards in entrances and exits, parking lots or garages, ramps, and steps both interior and exterior to the building.

Fire-Related Accidents

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were around 17,500 fires in offices in 2012. Fires can be caused by a microwave issue in a break room, exposed cords and wiring, overloaded outlets, space heaters in cubicles or offices, and illegal smoking in office bathrooms. Not only do fires cause substantial property damage, but people in the office at the time can be seriously injured by the flames or from other things as they try to escape the situation.

Auto and Parking Lot Accidents

Vehicle accidents are another common cause of office accidents. This includes people being struck by vehicles as they enter or exit their office as well as accidents in the parking lot or garage associated with work. People who are injured in a parking lot or garage may have a claim for the same types of damages as if they were injured inside their office if that space is specifically associated with their place of work.

Lifting/Moving Items

Offices often require people to lift or move objects in the course of their work, which can lead to serious accidents if not done properly. Even lifting smaller items like a computer screen or boxes has the potential to cause serious injuries to a person’s back, neck, shoulders, or face. Stacking or moving objects in a storage closet can also result in an accident if items are not stored properly and fall on someone nearby. If these items are heavy or sharp they can seriously injure someone when falling from a significant height. To learn more about the common causes of office accidents, talk to our attorneys now.

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