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Tragic Workplace Accident Leaves 22-Year-Old Texas Man Dead


A horrific workplace accident occurred in Spring, Texas this week on Thursday morning, October 6.  According to local news reports, a 22-year-old man working for Groundhog Foundation Drilling was working on a warehouse construction site located off of I-45 near the Grand Parkway when the workplace accident occurred. The details of the workplace accident are both grim and tragic – the young man’s grandfather, whose employment status with Groundhog Foundation Drilling is currently unknown, was operating drill equipment on the project site, and the young man ended up in the drilling hole where the equipment was being operated. The reason that the 22-year-old worker was in the whole is still unknown. When the young worker was found inside of the drilling hole, he was unresponsive. Although details of the accident are still pending investigation, reports indicate that the drilling hole collapsed with the young worker inside of it. Authorities believe that the young man was ultimately killed by the drill bit. Spring Fire’s Rescue Team shored up the collapsed hole in order to retrieve the young man’s body.

Workplace Accidents in the Texas Construction Industry

The horrific workplace accident involving the young man on the construction site this week is an unfortunate reminder of the all-too-frequent occurrence of workplace accidents in the construction industry in Texas. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were over 450 workplace fatalities in construction and construction-related work in Texas in 2019 alone. The BLS identifies several categories of occupations in which construction workplace accidents that lead to fatalities occur: natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations; construction and extraction occupations; and construction. Cumulatively, the BLS reports that there were a total of 452 fatalities due to workplace accidents in construction in 2019, with the general “construction” category representing 123 total fatalities.

Legal Help for Houston Workplace Accidents

A workplace accident can leave an individual severely injured or even dead, as the case with the young worker this week demonstrates. Unfortunately, workplace injuries and accidents aren’t limited to the construction industry or any other specific industry, and almost all workers are at risk of getting injured on the job. In fact, in Houston, workplace injuries may also occur in the oil and gas energy sector, trade, healthcare, trade, retail, hospitality, technology, and other popular industries. If a workplace accident occurs due to the negligence of the employer, compensation and other remedies may be available to injured employees or certain members of the employee’s family, in the case of a fatal workplace accident. If you or a loved one has experienced a workplace accident in Houston, contact the Gilde Law Firm to discuss your entitlement to compensation and other remedies under Texas laws. The experienced Houston workplace injury lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm offer a free and confidential consultation to hear your story and to discuss your rights, options, and potential compensation under the law. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today to learn your rights and options and to see if they can help.




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