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Taking Account Of Expenses In Houston Sexual Assault Premises Liability Cases


There is no doubt that it takes courage and strength to bring a sexual assault premises liability case in civil court. After going through a dangerous, traumatic, and perhaps even nearly fatal attack, to summon the courage to file a case in court for damages takes a brave and strong person. In Houston, under Texas premises liability laws, the victim of a sexual assault that occurred on a private business property may be entitled to damages not only from their actual sexual assault attacker, but also from the private business or property owner where the attack occurred, if the private business or property owner failed in their duty to keep the property safe to the appropriate standard of care. However, those brave survivors of sexual assault attacks may wonder what exactly they are entitled to, and what they should take account of when it comes to compensation. It is important to know what survivors of sexual assault attacks on private business properties should take account of in their case when it comes to damages, so that if liability is found against the business or property owner, they are justly compensated. Here are 3 important categories of expenses that sexual assault survivors should take account of when bringing a sexual assault premises liability case:

#1. Medical Bills and Other Treatment Bills

After a sexual assault occurs, many survivors have physical and mental injuries. However, the cost of medical treatment, counseling and other mental health therapies can add up quickly. Medical expenses and expenses related to treatment for injuries caused by a sexual assault attack are compensable in Houston sexual assault premises liability cases. For that reason, sexual assault survivors should keep track and document any medical treatment or mental health treatment.

#2. Lost Wages

When a person is injured due to a sexual assault, they may not be able to return to work immediately. Loss of income due to a sexual assault is something that courts consider under Texas laws when it comes to appraising the damages in a sexual assault premises liability case. It is important for sexual assault survivors to track lost wages so that they can be justly compensated for the time that they were and/or are required to take off of work due to their injuries.

#3. Emotional Distress and Pain and Suffering

Survivors of sexual assault attacks certainly experience pain and suffering and emotional distress. Although pain and suffering and emotional distress may seem too intangible to quantify for the purposes of compensation, there are some best practices for tracking this category of potential recovery. Sexual assault survivors should seek the help of professionals, and keep track of medical and other bills related to treatment, as noted above. In addition, survivors of sexual assaults should document their symptoms and gather potential witnesses. This may help when it comes time for the court to assess how much is owed in emotional distress and pain and suffering damages.

Help with a Sexual Assault Premises Liability Case in Houston

If you have been sexually assaulted in Houston on a private business property and you would like to learn more about your rights and entitlement to damages, contact the experienced Houston premises liability lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm. The experienced attorneys at the Gilde Law Firm can help give you the full picture of what other expenses you should keep track of, and how to maximize the recovery in your case. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today and speak with an experienced Houston premises liability lawyer for free.

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