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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents


Large commercial trucks are the most common method of transporting goods in the United States, and thousands of trucks are on the road every day in the Houston area. Unfortunately, this also means that truck accidents are common on the roadway, and there are many reasons why crashes involving these large trucks occur. Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries to accident victims, and the knowledgeable and experienced Houston personal injury attorneys at the Gilde Law Firm are here to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve after a crash. To learn more about what your claims might be worth, call or contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Distracted Driving

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is distracted driving. Drivers of commercial trucks have a lot that can distract them while behind the wheel. They may be on their cell phones or communicating with other truckers on the road with their radio. A driver might be distracted by a passenger or by something going on outside the vehicle on the roadway. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction for an accident to occur.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is another common cause of trucking accidents. Truck drivers are expected to drive for long distances often in a short period of time. As such, some take illicit or illegal substances in order to stay awake and alert. Driving high has caused many accidents, as has driving under the influence of alcohol if a trucker gets behind the wheel when they are not sober enough to drive.

Poorly Packed Cargo

One major difference between commercial trucks and other vehicles is the cargo that is packed in the back of the vehicle. It is critically important that cargo be packed properly because if it is not then serious accidents can occur. If cargo is not secured it can shift during travel, throwing the weight off in the vehicle and causing a crash. The same can occur if the cargo is stored in a way that makes the truck top heavy, making it more likely to flip over and crash.

Speeding and Other Driving Violations

Speeding is another common cause of accidents with commercial trucks. It takes longer for trucks to stop than smaller vehicles, and when a large truck is speeding it does not have as much time to avoid a crash. Speeding also makes it less likely that a truck driver can swerve to avoid an accident. Other driving violations also lead to many accidents with large trucks, such as failing to stop at stop signs or lights, failing to signal before turning or changing lanes, and failing to yield to smaller vehicles on the road.

Talk to Our Office Today

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen on the Houston roadways, and if you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident it is important that you have skilled legal representation for your case. Call or contact the Gilde Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation of your injury claims today.

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