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What Causes Boat Accidents?


It comes as no surprise to many that one of the most popular pastimes in Houston is boating. Whether for work, sport, or recreation there are plenty of reasons to get out on the water year-round. However, with so many vessels on the water the chances of an accident increase, and some types of accidents happen more often than others. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, the experienced and skilled Houston personal injury lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm are here to help. To schedule a free consultation, call or contact our office today.

Operator Inattention

One of the most common causes of boating accidents is operator inattention. The person who operates the vessel is responsible for making sure that everyone is safe. If the operator of the boat is not paying attention or distracted, an accident can easily occur. Inattention may happen because of something happening on the boat or because of something distracting that is happening out on the water.

Drinking and Boating

Another common cause of boat accidents in Houston is drinking and boating. There are no rules regarding drinking alcohol while as a passenger on a boat in Texas so long as that person is of legal age. However, the person who is operating the boat should remain sober while navigating on the water. One person should be designated as the sober driver of the vessel, or arrangements should be made for someone outside of the group to operate the boat if alcohol is being consumed.

Operator Inexperience

A third reason why boat accidents happen is operator inexperience. A person operating a vessel should have experience or be under the close supervision of someone who does. Too often, boats are rented by people with no experience and who do not know how to safely operate a vessel in the water. Operator inexperience can lead to accidents with other vessels, with objects in the water, and other serious crashes.

Vessel Defects

Some boat accidents happen because of defects in the vessel itself. The owner of a boat has a responsibility to maintain the vessel in good working order. Defects can happen as a result of a lack of maintenance or be inherent in the vessel as a design or manufacturing defect. Common defects that can lead to accidents include problems with the fuel line or gas tank, electrical defects, propeller damage, engine defects, holes in the vessels, and more.

Excessive Speed

Lastly, excessive speed is often cited as one of the reasons for a boat accident. Some vessels like speedboats can reach incredibly high speeds on the water, but excessive speed can make it difficult to stop or turn to avoid an accident. Excessive speed also makes it more difficult to identify potential dangers in time to mitigate or avoid an accident.

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