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Gilde Law Firm Wins $1.2 Billion Verdict for Woman Victimized by Image-Based Sexual Abuse

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Sexual Assault Victim Awarded $10 Million After Claims Of Sexual Assault By Cruise Ship Employee; Cruise Ship Held Liable


In July, 2022, what is said to be the largest jury verdict ever against a cruise line was returned in a case brought by a female cruise ship passenger. The case, which was filed in federal court in Miami, alleged that the female sexual assault victim, who was a passenger aboard the Carnival cruise ship Miracle, was sexually assaulted by a male Carnival cruise ship employee. According to reports, the female sexual assault victim’s civil complaint was filed in 2019, and alleged that cruise ship employee Fredy Anggara raped her in a dark closet on the cruise ship. The female sexual assault victim’s lawyers state that the female victim was “heavily intoxicated” and “concussed” when the sexual assault occurred. Reports state that the female sexual assault victim, who was 21 years old at the time, was traveling with a friend and her friend’s family in 2018 and became heavily intoxicated on the final night of the cruise, after having dinner with her friend and several other passengers. The female sexual assault victim is said to have slipped on the cruise ship’s pool deck and hit her head, then ended up in a closet with Mr. Anggara, who was 27 years old at the time. The female sexual assault victim claims that Mr. Anggara held her in the closet against her will. After the incident, the female sexual assault victim reported the incident to her friend and friend’s family, as well as to Carnival’s staff. The female sexual assault victim then submitted to a rape kit and was interviewed by the ship’s security team. The female sexual assault victim was also interviewed by the FBI.

Mr. Anggarra and Carnival maintain that the incident was consensual. According to reports, the FBI is said to have investigated and found that the incident was consensual. The FBI, ultimately, did not bring criminal charges against Mr. Anggara. Mr. Anggara was terminated from his employment with Carnival immediately after the incident took place.

The female sexual assault victim’s sued Carnival for false imprisonment, emotional distress, and sexual assault. Although the jury found that Carnival was not negligent and that Mr. Anggara did not intentionally inflict emotional distress on the female victim, they found that Carnival was liable for the sexual assault and awarded the female sexual assault victim $243,000 in past and future medical and psychological expenses and $10million in damages for physical and emotional distress.

Help for Houston Sexual Assault Victims

As the case against Carnival cruise line demonstrates, sexual assault victims have rights and options beyond pressing charges against an individual attacker. In Houston, under sexual assault premises liability laws, not only the attacker may be held liable for a sexual assault, but also the business or property owner where the attack occurred. If you have been sexually assaulted in Houston while on a cruise, staying at a hotel, or at another place of business, contact the Gilde Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation to learn about your rights and options. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today and speak to a Houston sexual assault sex crime lawyer for free.



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