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Electric Shock Drowning: What You Need To Know


A little-known cause of serious injuries and deaths when boating in fresh water is electric shock drowning. There is so little known about electric shock drowning that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not even track official statistics on the prevalence of this type of accident; however, they attribute up to ten deaths per day across the country to this type of accident. If a loved one has suffered serious injury or death because of electric shock drowning, the experienced and knowledgeable Houston personal injury lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm are here to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Call or contact the office today to schedule a consultation.

What is Electric Shock Drowning?

Electric shock drowning occurs when a live electrical current leaks from a nearby boat or dock into the water and electrocutes those in the water around it. This type of incident is far more likely to happen in fresh water than in salt water because fresh water conducts electrical current far better. This means that electric shock drowning is more likely in the lakes, rivers, and ponds surrounding Houston than in the open gulf.

A live electrical current must escape through the closed electrical system as an electrical fault, or there may be a fault in the alternating current safety wire. When these types of issues occur, the electrical current has no place to go except through the water in order to get back to its source. On top of this, the metal elements of a boat that are underwater will become energized by the live electrical current and radiate out the electricity a farther distance away from the boat or dock. Anyone who touches the energized metal or who makes contact with the electrified water will immediately be electrocuted.

Injuries Caused by Electric Shock Drowning

The injuries caused by electric shock drowning vary based on the level of the electrical current that passes through an injury victim’s body. Mild injuries include tingling sensations in the muscles or a temporary loss of control over the muscles. However, in the water a loss of muscular control can result in a person being unable to swim, which then results in drowning. Electric shock in the water can also cause fatal heart arrhythmia and internal damage to organs. The injuries are often compounded by the fact that no one can get into the water and save someone who is suffering in an electric shock drowning incident until the source of the electrical current is identified and turned off. A lack of immediate medical attention often increases the severity of injuries, and in many cases results in the death of the victim.

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