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Think Drunk Driving Is The Only Cause of Semi-Truck Accidents? Think Again – The Top Reasons For 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents Explained


When we think about serious and fatal car accidents and their root causes, we often think about a leading cause of drunk driving motor vehicle accidents: drunk driving. Indeed, it is true that drunk driving is one of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents, and also a cause of semi-truck or 18-wheeler truck accidents on Houston roads. However, to pin the blame for all 18-wheeler truck accidents would be misplaced, as there are a number of other hazards that can cause a fatal accident with a semi-truck. To help Houstonians better understand just what type of hazards may lead to a precarious situation with an 18-wheeler truck, and to be more aware of these hazards while out on Texas roads, we have compiled a list of the top causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents here:

  • Distracted driving, including using handheld devices and mobile phones: part of a truck driver’s job is to navigate a load from Point A to Point B. This can sometimes require use of GPS and other 18-wheeler truck navigation systems, as well as a mobile phone or radio communication device. There is no doubt that distracted driving can lead to fatal semi-truck accidents;
  • Vehicle and equipment failures: although 18-wheeler trucks undergo rigorous safety inspections and are subject to a number of heightened safety rules for operating on the road, vehicle and equipment failures can and do happen. These types of failures, coupled with high speeds and the sheer weight of a semi-truck, can lead to serious accidents on the road;
  • Fatigue: even though federal laws establish required rests for truck drivers, it is virtually undisputed that 18-wheeler truck drivers must work very long hours doing difficult and fatiguing work. Fatigue and driving can be a dangerous recipe;
  • Usage of fatigue-prevention systems and settings: In order to combat long hours on the road and little sleep, some 18-wheeler truck drivers may rely on things like cruise control. Reliance on such systems may lull a semi-truck driver into a false sense of security and encourage them to pay less attention to the road and driving;
  • External hazards and distractions: just like any other driver, 18-wheeler truck drivers must navigate the roads with the same external threats and safety hazards that car drivers must face. Bad drivers out on the road may force a semi-truck driver to maneuver in a way that is unsafe to other drivers on the road. Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks can also be dangerous due to the lack of visibility in a semi-truck and the ability of the truck to slide or jack-knife on the road.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are a number of other issues that may cause an 18-wheeler truck accident.

Justice for 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Victims in Houston

If you are the victim of a semi-truck or 18-wheeler truck accident in Houston, it is important to get in touch with an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer to learn about your right and entitlement to potential compensation. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Houston trucking lawyer today.

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