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Legal Case for my 18-Wheeler Truck Accident? Why Bother? 4 Reasons Other than Money for Bringing an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Case in Houston


When a person gets into an 18-wheeler truck accident on the road one, typically one of the last things that they want to think about is dealing with a truck accident case in court. Between dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, work, finances, and, most importantly, healing from an injury related to the accident, the tasks of calling up a lawyer and initiating a lawsuit often go on the backburner after a semi-truck accident occurs. However, it is important for Houstonians to know that there is only a short window to bring an 18-wheeler truck accident claim after the accident has occurred, so it is best to initiate the process as soon as possible. Although, of course, monetary compensation for an 18-wheeler truck accident victim’s injuries and other losses (such as compensation, enjoyment of life, medical expenses, etc.) is very important, there are other reasons for bringing an 18-wheeler truck accident claim after an accident that was not your fault occurs. Here are the top 4 reasons, not related to money, that you should bring an 18-wheeler trucking accident claim when you have been injured as a result of a semi-truck driver’s negligence.

#1. Keeping Dangerous Drivers off of the Road

Although an 18-wheeler truck accident case is a civil case and not a criminal one, when a person brings a trucking accident case after a truck accident, there is no doubt that the driver who caused the accident will be subject to some exposure. Although it may not be part of the legal proceedings or ruling, once a trucking employee has proven to be dangerous on the road, it is unlikely that they will keep their job as a truck driver for very long. Holding the truck driver accountable for their negligence or reckless driving is important for other drivers out on the road.

#2. Improving Safety Standards

Similarly, holding semi-truck and 18-wheeler truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for the accidents that they and their employees cause by bringing a civil truck accident case can encourage trucking companies to implement stricter safety measures and expose where there are weaknesses in current safety protocol and procedures. This can make the road safer out there for everyone.

#3. Working with an Expert

When you bring a truck accident case in Houston, it is best to work with an experienced Houston 18-wheeler trucking accident lawyer. Working with an expert can help you develop the theory of your case and identify important evidence and witnesses. An expert can help evaluate your claim and take the guesswork of the complex civil legal system.

#4. Peace of Mind

Even though the thought of bringing a lawsuit can be stressful and confusing, if you work with an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer on your 18-wheeler truck accident case, you may experience peace of mind. Standing up for yourself by using available legal channels and getting justice can be a healing experience.

Help with Your 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Case in Houston

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler truck accident or auto accident in Houston, and the accident was not your fault, contact an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer and learn about your entitlement to compensation. Contact the experienced Houston truck accident lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm and learn about your rights today.

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