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H-E-B 18-Wheeler Clips RV Resulting In Fiery Truck Accident On Texas Highway


There is no doubt that 18-wheeler trucks make up the backbone of America’s logistical force. Semi-trailer trucks with large refrigeration units carry our staple foods to grocery stores, mail carrier semi-trucks haul huge containers of our mail and packages, and flatbeds haul building materials, parts, and even logs intra and interstate for use in American homes and businesses. However, while 18-wheeler trucks are certainly critical for American infrastructure and to get goods to consumers for daily living, they can also be deadly machines when there is operator error or mechanical problem. 18-wheeler trucks are extremely heavy, weighing at least 35,000 pounds empty, and up to 80,000 pounds when loaded with goods. The heavy weight, hard metal, and high speeds of 18-wheeler semi-trucks on our highways and freeways, mixed with the other motorcycles, cars, recreational vehicles, buses, and other 18-wheelers out on the road, can be a seriously hazardous combination. Nothing demonstrates the potential for 18-wheeler accidents better than a recent news story involving an 18-wheeler that caused a fiery car collision just outside Houston in Cypress, Texas.

The terrifying RV and truck accident occurred earlier this month at 7:26 am on the eastbound lanes of Texas U.S. 290 near the SH-99 Grand Parkway. According to local news reports, an H-E-B grocery truck, which was empty and unloaded at the time, clipped a recreational vehicle, causing the 18-wheeler itself to catch on fire. The recreational vehicle was carrying two occupants, as well as two dogs, and was also hauling a trailer behind it. Neither the H-E-B semi-truck driver nor the RV occupants were reported as injured in the accident, but all eastbound lanes were closed. The incident is now pending investigation. Although, thankfully, no one was hurt, or worse killed, in the ensuing blaze and crash, the truck accident serves as a remind of how quickly an accident involving an 18-wheeler can turn extremely dangerous – a quick “clip” can turn into a fiery and fatal wreck at high speeds and with heavy machines.

Help with a Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

18-wheeler truck accidents can result in serious injury, disability, and death. If an 18-wheeler truck accident does occur and it is the fault of the truck driver, or their employer if they are driving a company truck, compensation may be owed to any victims who suffer injuries. 18-wheeler truck accidents present a number of complex issues, including who is at fault and how much is just compensation. Accordingly, having a skilled and experienced Houston truck accident lawyer on your side fighting with you is important for the best chance of recovery. If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18-wheeler truck accident in Houston, and it was the 18-wheeler truck driver’s fault, contact an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer today. The experienced Houston truck accident lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your story and to see if they can help get you or your loved one justice. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today to learn about your rights and options.



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