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Cruise Ship Passenger Tragically Dies On Cruise Destination Excursion


Local excursions are a popular activity for cruise ship passengers when they dock at destination ports. Cruisers book excursions directly with local companies or through the cruise ship line itself to get a taste of local culture, get out of the city and off the beaten path, and to try activities they otherwise might not get the chance to do at home. In the Bahamas, cruise ship passengers can book excursions for a range of activities, and swimming and snorkeling is a hit with cruisers who want to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath the sea in the area’s clear blue waters. Unfortunately, fatal accidents can happen on cruise ship excursions, and a day out of fun off the cruise ship can end in tragedy. Such was the case for a cruise ship passenger and her family who recently went on a snorkeling excursion while on land in Nassau in the Bahamas.

According to reports based on accounts and information from local authorities in Nassau, a 50-year-old cruise ship passenger and mother from Pennsylvania booked an excursion with a local excursion company with her family while docked at the Nassau port in early September. The woman and her family were traveling on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship, which is part of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship fleet. The excursion company took the woman and her family out to a popular snorkeling area in Nassau called Green Cay. While snorkeling, the woman was attacked by a shark and was bitten in her upper extremities. The local excursion company and the woman’s family rushed to save her, but she, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries and later passed away. According to the report, shark attacks are extremely rare, with the chance of being fatally attacked by a shark being 1 in 4 million. The beach where the cruise ship passenger was attacked was closed for investigation.

Cruise Ship Accidents on Board Cruise Ships

While the recent and terrible shark attack demonstrates the dangers that excursions can present, cruise-related accidents can happen both at sea on the cruise ship and on land. Common cruise ship accidents that occur onboard a cruise ship include slip and falls, drownings, accidents caused by collisions with objects and other ships, groundings, fires and explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even sexual assault. If any of these or other cruise ship accidents occur due to the negligence of the cruise ship owners and operators, a cruise ship accident victim may have a personal injury case for damages caused by the accident.

Contact an Attorney for Help

If you have been injured in a cruise ship accident, particularly aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line or Princess Cruise Line ship, contact the experienced Houston cruise ship accident lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm. Cruise ship accidents are complex, and the Gilde Law Firm has experience navigating cruise ship accident issues to obtain just compensation for their clients. Contact the Gilde Law Firm today for a free and confidential consultation to learn your rights and to see if they can help.



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