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Boat Accident In Freeport Leaves One Passenger Injured And Couple Dead


With the high heat of summer scorching over Texas, spending time out on the water can be a nice way to unwind and beat the sun. However, boating, like driving or any other form of transportation can be dangerous, and, unfortunately, terrible boating accidents can and do occur in Texas. One such multiple-victim accident occurred in Texas within the last week, and, tragically, two people died and one person was seriously injured as a result.

According to a local report, the horrific boating accident occurred on Saturday evening, August 6, in Freeport, Texas, when a 22-foot recreational pleasure boat collided with a 24-foot recreational boat in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The operator of the 22-foot boat called in to the Coast Guard to report the collision. There were three passengers on the 22-foot boat, in addition to the operator of the boat. The operator of the 22-foot boat reported that the three boat passengers were ejected from the boat during the head-on collision. Two passengers who were on the 24-foot boat were also ejected into the water during the collision. The Coast Guard Station 29 and the Coast Guard Air Station Houston were deployed to launch a search for the ejected boat passengers. Ultimately, two passengers from the 22-foot boat were able to swim to and climb aboard the 24-foot boat to safety. The third passenger from the 22-foot boat was later found by Coast Guard personnel, and was found conscious with a minor head injury. The two passengers from the 24-foot boat were found separately and were unresponsive. Ultimately, the two deceased boaters and all of the remaining passengers who had been ejected during the accident were taken by the Coast Guard to the Surfside Marina in Freeport, where emergency personnel were able to provide care to the remaining survivors.

Boat Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries, Death

The recent case in Freeport illustrates just how lethal and dangerous boating accidents can be. A host of hazards are associated with boating and can cause these types of dangerous accidents. Such hazards include, but are not limited to, inclement weather conditions, improper loading and unloading of the boat, operator error, and operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whether a person is a passenger or an operator of a boat, the highest levels of diligence and attention to safety protocols should always be observed when on the water and at ports in order to avoid boating accidents.

Boating Accident Lawyers Can Help

Just as in the case of car accidents, when boating accidents occur, victims of boating accidents have rights and options, and may be entitled to monetary damages. Therefore, when a boating accident occurs, the first thing that a person involved in the accident should do is contact a personal injury lawyer who handles boating accidents. The Houston boating accident lawyers at the Gilde Law Firm provide a free and confidential consultation to hear your story and to see if they can help. Call the Gilde Law Firm today to speak to a Houston boat injury lawyer and learn your rights.



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