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Houston Maritime & Oil Platform Injury Lawyer

The oil and gas industry is a big one in Houston and it is very lucrative for those that work within it. Unfortunately, it is also a very dangerous line of work. Working on an oil rig is a very difficult job and workers should be treated with respect and safety measures should always be in place to protect them. This does not always happen. There are many maritime and oil platform injuries that happen on these rigs and when they do, victims deserve compensation. A Houston maritime & oil platform injuries lawyer can help if you have been hurt.

Explosion and Fire Injuries

Workers on oil rigs deal principally with materials such as oil and hydrogen sulfide gas, which are all extremely flammable. It is for this reason that explosion and fire injuries are some of the most common injuries on maritime and oil platforms. Explosions and fires are caused by many factors, including outdated and improperly maintained equipment, or lax fire safety inspections.

Amputations and Crushing Injuries

According to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Today, finger and hand injuries account for almost half of all incidents in the oil and gas industry. On some rigs, these injuries account for as much as 80 percent of all recordable incidents. An amputated or crushed hand will greatly affect a worker for the rest of their life, and they may not be able to work in the industry ever again.

Neck and Back Injuries

Injuries to the neck and back are generally caused by lifting heavy equipment and machinery. Often these injuries are a result of a lack of safety belts or braces on the rig. Other times, workers are ordered to move something very heavy quickly, which could cause a sprain or herniated disc that becomes worse every time the worker moves.

Occupational Illnesses

Workers on maritime and oil platforms are exposed to a number of dangerous substances. Chemical solvents, drilling fluids, crude oil, and fumes are just a few of these. Coming into contact with these substances can cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, chemical burns, rashes, and potentially even asphyxiation.

Wrongful Death

The terrain of an oil platform is unforgiving and often, accidents are so severe, victims do not survive them. Some of the worst accidents that result in wrongful death on an oil rig include drowning, electrocution, penetration wounds, and head trauma. After these deaths, loved ones can file a claim to recover any losses they sustained as a result.

Our Maritime and Oil Platform Injuries Lawyers Can Help with Your Case

If you have been hurt, or have lost someone due to an oil rig injury, our Houston maritime and oil platform injuries lawyers at Gilde Law Firm are here to help. Our skilled attorneys have the experience necessary to investigate these accidents and to determine who is liable so you can claim the maximum damages you are entitled to. Call us today at 800-973-3106 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options.