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Houston Crashworthiness Claim Lawyer

Auto manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are safe for consumers to use. When a vehicle is defective, people’s lives are at stake. To ensure all of their products are safe, manufacturers must meet strict industry standards and put vehicles under many stringent tests. All of this is very expensive for auto manufacturers and sometimes, they choose to cut corners. When they do, people sustain catastrophic injuries. It is possible to hold manufacturers accountable for prioritizing their own profits over your safety. Our Houston crashworthiness claim lawyers can help you do it.

How are Crashworthiness Claims Different from Car Accident Claims?

Crashworthiness refers to the ability of a vehicle to protect drivers and passengers in the event of an auto accident. Many people think that because crashworthiness pertains mainly to vehicles, if they are hurt, they must file a car accident claim. This is not true.

Crashworthiness does not deal with the primary collision, such as when one car hits another. It deals with the second collision, that is the occupants of the vehicle crashing into the interior of the car. As such, the cause of the vehicle is not considered at all and you do not file a crashworthiness claim against the negligent driver. Instead, crashworthiness claims fall under product liability law, so you must file a claim against the manufacturer.

Vehicle Defects and Crashworthiness Claims

Most crashworthiness claims are based on a vehicle defect that caused the injuries. In product liability claims, there are three types of defects. These are:

  • Manufacturing defects: A manufacturing defect occurs while the product is actually being created or manufactured. For example, if airbags were not installed in the vehicle and so, you sustained a concussion after hitting your head on the windshield, that is a manufacturing defect and you can file a claim.
  • Design defect: A design defect occurs while the product is still being designed, but before it was built. Using the same airbags example above, airbags may not have been included in the actual design of the vehicle and so, you could file a claim on that basis.
  • Failure to warn: Vehicles often come with thick operating manuals for a reason. These manuals do not only include how to use different features in the vehicle, but they should also contain warnings about certain dangers. For example, SUVs and minivans often do not have a contained storage area, so the owner manual may warn to securely store items so they do not pose a danger during a crash. A failure to warn is a type of negligence and you can file a claim against the manufacturer.

Call Our Houston Crashworthiness Lawyer for Help with Your Claim

If you have been injured during a crash due to a vehicle defect, our Houston crashworthiness lawyers at Gilde Law Firm are here to help with your claim. We have the necessary experience to go up against the big auto manufacturers and win and we will put that experience to work for you. Call us today at 800-973-3106 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.