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Houston Boat Accident Lawyer

Lake Raven, McGovern Lake, and Lake Conroe are just a few of the waterways in Houston that people use to enjoy a day on a boat. Unfortunately, a day spent on the water can result in more than just a suntan and good memories. Boating accidents are very common in the city and when they happen, they can cause some of the most catastrophic injuries. The days and weeks following your crash will be very confusing, and you may not even know you can file a claim to recover compensation for your losses. A Houston boat accident lawyer can advise you of your legal options.

Types of Boating Accidents

No two boating accidents are exactly the same. Even the laws that govern your claim may be different from those that apply to another. For example, a boating accident that occurs on Lake Conroe would fall under Texas jurisdiction, and so the boating laws of the state would apply. On the other hand, if a cruise ship was involved in a boating accident on international waters, the international maritime laws would apply. These laws are also known as the law of the sea.

While boating accidents involving pleasure craft are the most common types of boating accidents in Houston, there are others, as well. Ship collisions and allusions, cruise ship accidents, and cruise ship accidents are all also very common in the city and around the state.

Vessel Allisions vs. Vessel Collisions

Many people have never heard of vessel allisions, but they do happen. A vessel allision occurs when one boat hits another watercraft that is not moving. In these situations, individuals on the boat could file a claim against the boat operator, or the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment on the boat. Conversely, a vessel collision occurs between two moving watercrafts. Either boat operator, manufacturer of defective equipment, or any other party may be liable for a crash.

Boating Accidents Involving Pleasure Craft

Pleasure craft refers to any boat or vessel used for recreational purposes, including floating transportation vehicles, sportsman’s boats, and sailing vessels. The most common causes of these crashes are falls overboard, capsizing, grounding, flooding, fires and explosions, electrocutions, and accidents involving water skis and other towable equipment.

Boating Accidents Involving Cruise Ships

A cruise ship accident can certainly involve a cruise ship colliding with another vessel, but there are other accidents that can happen on these vessels, too. Cruise ships can become grounded or flooded just like other types of watercrafts, or passengers may become hurt while onboard, such as during a slip and fall. Personal injury claims involving cruise ships are often extremely complex, due to the number of maritime, federal, and state laws that may apply.

Our Houston Boating Accidents Lawyers Can Help After an Injury

If you have been hurt, our Houston boat accidents lawyers at Gilde Law Firm can help you make sense of the aftermath, and help you obtain the full compensation you deserve. Call us today at 800-973-3106 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.