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Gilde Law Firm’s attorneys and cases have been featured in VerdictSearch, Super Lawyers, the Houston Chronicle, the Associated Press, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, various local syndicated news stations, blogs, and other national and international news outlets.

Amron Article

NYT Article

Law 360

Law 360



Real News Network on Fracking

Tort Reform

Show on ARS

Show on Fracking

In association with Host and Producer Steve Murphy with Insider Exclusive, http://www.insiderexclusive.com, Attorney Gilde and Gilde Law Firm have been featured in three Insider Exclusive documentaries, which documentary series includes other acclaimed attorneys like Gerry Spence, Thomas V. Girardi, and Johnnie Cochran.

To date, Attorney Gilde and Gilde Law Firm’s documentaries include the following: “FRACKING – Dangerous Contamination – Bob and Lisa Parr’s Story”, “Wall Street’s $336 Billion Fraud – Auction Rate Securities”, and “Justice in America – The Truths & Myths of Tort Reform – Featuring Brad Gilde, Gilde Law Firm”. Please stay tuned … more to come.


Justice For America


Wall Street Fraud

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