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Several arrested in connection with nursing home abuse

Texas residents may not be aware that on Feb. 11, authorities arrested two administrators and five employees of a nursing home on the east coast. The arrests were in connection with alleged nursing home abuse that resulted in the death of a 72-year-old resident. Not only did the woman die while in the care of the staff, reports suggest that an attempt was made to cover it up.

Family files lawsuit regarding nursing home neglect in Texas

When a Texas family entrusts a loved one to a nursing home, they expect the staff to follow any treatment plans devised by doctors, nursing home staff and family. When those treatment plans are not followed, the patient can become injured or even die. This is what one family claims happened to their loved one after suffering from nursing home neglect.

Texas nursing home neglect case to go to federal court

A family in Texas is claiming that a nursing home is responsible for the death of their Mother. Their mother was in the nursing home after a respiratory failure for rehabilitation. She had left the nursing home to have her tracheotomy tube changed and returned to the nursing home for additional care. The family claims that nursing home neglect then caused their mother's death.

Fight against nursing home abuse gets help from Texas program

It is the responsibility of the Texas Department on Aging and Disability Services to deal with elder abuse. However, as is the case with most every government agency, this department does not have the staff necessary to make sure the rights of nursing home residents are being respected. So, the agency enlists the help of volunteers who regularly visit nursing homes to help combat nursing home abuse.

Texas nursing home neglect: Do nanny cams make a difference?

Those in Texas that have elderly relatives in nursing homes may be aware of the Authorized Electronic Monitoring law that was passed in 2002. This law is aimed at helping to prevent nursing home neglect and abuse. It allows families to place a camera similar to a nanny cam in their loved one's room.

Texas nursing home neglect may lead to criminal charges

The death of a resident of the Texas nursing home Regency has resulted in an official investigation. The charges of nursing home neglect may result in formal criminal charges before the investigation is through. Doctors at the hospital where the resident died have told investigators that if they had known the truth about her condition the night she died, they may have treated her differently.

Brain-injured may be victims of nursing home neglect in Texas

Many in Texas may not know that patients with brain injuries often end up in nursing homes due to financial constraints of their families. What happens to these brain injured patients once they are in a nursing home can often be appalling. Several of these patients end up being victims of nursing home neglect.

Texas nursing home neglect victim has bone-exposing bed sores

The elderly are among the most vulnerable in our society. They are often brittle and require intensive care. When such vulnerable members of our society are abused due to nursing home neglect, it is critical to hold the abuser responsible.

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