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"Brad Gilde and his team did a great job working on my case. I was involved in a major traffic accident [in 2010], in which I fractured most of the bones in my face and received sever brain trauma, when the driver of the other car hit me and my friends directly from behind. The company and insurance agency that worked for them at first tried to claim that we had cut in front of them and they had minimal blame for the accident, Brad proved that to be incorrect, however, based on the way the accident had occurred and point of impact. Even after that, however, the insurance company only wanted to pay a small portion that wouldn't have even covered the more than 100,000 dollars' worth of medical expenses I had incurred on emergency services and rehab, but Brad and his team worked tirelessly to get what they thought was a fair pay for the damage that I had suffered.

At the end of the day, they were able to secure for me a [significant, confidential] settlement from the responsible party. I am very grateful to everybody who worked on my case and helped me get a fair settlement. Thank you all very much."

Date 06/01/2012

Client testimonial in response to litigating a motor vehicle accident case on behalf of Client J. M.

[H]ey, I heard the good news from [my spouse]. That's fantastic!!!!!!!!! Actually, I read the whole thing yesterday and was blown away. From my point of view ( a layman ), they [(the defendants)] didn't hold a chance.... Wow, that was some read. I haven't been involved with many legal papers and such, I don't think I've seen anything argued that well, so clean cut and to the point. What also blew me away were all the dr.'s credentials ... talk about some experts!!!!! [T]hey're incredible!! Thanks so much for all that ya'll are doing. [T]alk to you soon.

Date: 11/10/2011.

Client testimonial in response to legal drafting prepared, filed, and litigated on behalf of Client R.P.

After being violently struck by a county vehicle, I struggled for months to get a meaningful response from the county, with no results. When I went to Mr. Gilde for help, I was immediately confident that my case was in good hands. He fought the battles that I didn't know how to fight, and I was finally able to repair my car and pay off my medical bills. I recommend Mr. Gilde to my friends every chance I get.

Date: 04/30/2012.

Client testimonial in response to litigating a motor vehicle accident case on behalf of Client A. E. M.


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